Rowan is a striking, raven-haired beauty in her early 30s. She is a statuesque 175cm tall, with a curvy size 12 hourglass figure, a number of tattoos and piercings, a D cup bust and an especially generous bottom and thighs. She has a deep, sultry speaking voice and a talent for dirty talk. A versatile lover with a wealth of experience in life and sex, Rowan is a unique and adventurous erotic companion. With 18 years experience in BDSM, Rowan is a seasoned sensual Dominant who delights in exploration. She is able to cater to a variety of light kinks and fantasies in addition to our standard services- please discuss these with her prior to booking. She especially enjoys using these skills to create a warm, non-judgemental experience for those who may wish to explore their more submissive or feminine side. Rowan happily caters to singles and couples of all genders and orientations, all ages (18+) and all physical abilities.